Introduction to Power BI

Start benefiting Power BI Desktop to create a collection of queries, data relationships, perform visual analytics with a fingertip

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Introduction to Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics platform that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your business, or embed them in your app or website. Connect to hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports.


In this course, you’ll be provided with an overview of Power BI and how you can use it to connect to multiple data sources, create new and improve existing data models, explore the data, create stunning visualizations, upload reports and create dashboards, share all of these with your co-workers, and more!

• Any computer with a strong enough internet connection to stream videos should work for this course. We recommend you use Google Chrome as your web browser when accessing the Circuits platform.
• You will need to download and install Power BI desktop to perform in this course.
Note: If you have a 32-bit machine, you need to install the 32bit Power BI Desktop. If you have a 32 bit Office installed (regardless of your machine), you need to install the 32 bit Power BI Desktop. Otherwise, you can install the 64 bit PBI Desktop.

Throughout this course, you’ll work through eight units. This course is available in the self-paced format, although, you should allocate few hours a week to complete and master each unit, including all unit instruction and projects.

Once you finished the course, be sure that this Excel knowledge will be valuable skill that will stay with you for life.
You can use it to be more efficient & effective in your daily job, help colleagues solve their problems, spend more time at home and get that feel good factor of fulfillment!

Intended Audience: Excel Users, Business Owners, Professionals

Course Curriculum

What is Power BI
Installing Power BI
Dataset examples
Connecting to datasets
Connecting to Software's and Services
Power BI community
Introduction to Data Formatting
Changing locale
Connecting to a database
Basic transformation
Managing query groups
Untitled Lesson
Splitting columns
Changing datatypes
Working with dates
Removing and reordering columns
Conditional columns
Connecting to files in a folder
Merge queries
Query Dependency view
Less Structured Data
Enter Data
Query parameters
Introduction to Data Modelling
Managing data relationships
Creating Columns
Optimizing models for reporting
Creating calculated measures
Creating and Managing Hierarchies
Using calculated tables
Time intelligence
Manually creating data table
Include - Exclude
Group - Drill
Introduction to Power BI Desktop
Pie and Treemap charts
Hierarchical axis and concatenating
Filtering data
Bar charts
Analytics Pane
Clustering and Machine Learning
Focus and See data
Date Slicer
Map Charts
Table and Matrix
Table Styles
Scatter Chart
Waterfall charts
Coloring charts
Shapes,Text boxes,Images
Grid lines and snap to grid
Page Layout and Formatting
Visual Relationship
Duplicate Page
Categories with no data
Default Sum and Categorization
Positioning, Aligning and Sorting
Date Hierarchy
Visual Integration
Introduction to Power BI Service
Dashboard & Services
Quick Insight
Configuring a dashboard
Adding Text-box and image widgets
Featured and favorite dashboard
Dashboard settings
Natural language query
Sharing dashboard
Focus mode
Pinning a live page
Custom URL and Title
TV mode and collapse
Printing dashboards
Import to CSV
Power BI Notifications
Alerts in Service
Personal gateway
Publishing on the web
Admin Portal
Viewing an apps
View in android app
View in pad
View in iPhone
Relationship between Excel and Power BI
Importing using simple table
Excel workbook with excel data model
Connecting to Excel on OneDrive
Pinning excel tables or visuals
Analyzing data in excel
Connection to Data Sources
SASS Connector
OLAP mode
SAP hana

Modest Momcilovic


Hi there, my name is Modest and I'm a certified Microsoft trainer for over 5 years of experience in a teaching environment. I also hold a Masters degree in Economics. My main focus is on educating people about Data Analytics and Visualization with MS Excel, Power BI and Tableau in an online education environment with the help of ExGap Blog and Course.

I have served across a wide range of businesses and organizational levels mainly in data entry, data cleaning, product, and sales analyst, real estate financial modeling and a wide range of data visualization projects. During this time I used Excel as my spreadsheet platform in a combination with other tools for expressing the numbers visually. Attending many seminars and constantly updating my skills with courses and now I want to share my experience with others as well. As a manager and data analyst, I noticed a skill gap in a wide range of industries and decided to start ExGap as a way to fill this gap...

Mainly It was my passion for Excel that motivated me on my journey as an online educator. Even at this stage I'm constantly learning new things and attending other online courses to improve my productivity and presentation skills.

At the time of writing, I’m in my early thirties, currently residing in the beautiful regions of Balcanic peninsula with my wife who is also my support in my difficult times. You could describe me as a football lover, beer drinker, blockchain enthusiast, amateur photographer, gardener and lover of all cultures and languages, currently speaking Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, English and a touch of German.