Excel Data Analysis and Visualization

Learn about data, how to analyze and visualize it to make better data driven decision in your profession. (Under Development)

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Excel Data Analysis and Visualization

Learn Excel for data analysis from basic to expert level and be able to apply this practical skill in any field. It explores spreadsheet software’s most relevant features which will help you become an expert as a beginner, achieve proficiency as a basic user or polish skills and finish learning curve as an intermediate one. All of this while using real-world data together with practical exercises done step-by-step.

In this course, you’ll learn how to perform excel data analysis and drive better business insights using your results. Learn the fundamentals of databases and SQL language. Explore how to collect the data you need, extract and organize it. Leverage Microsoft Excel as a powerful analytics tool, and effectively communicate your findings through data visualization.

• Any computer with a strong enough internet connection to stream videos should work for this course. We recommend you use Google Chrome as your web browser when accessing the Circuits platform.
• You will need to install one of the following spreadsheet software: » Excel for Mac (at least Excel 2011) » Excel for PC (at least Excel 2007) » Google Sheets (if you do not have Excel)

Throughout this course, you’ll work through eight units. This course is available in the self-paced format, although, you should allocate between 3-6 hours per week to complete each unit, including all unit instruction and projects.

Once you finished the course, be sure that this Excel knowledge will be a valuable skill that will stay with you for life.
You can use it to be more efficient & effective in your daily job, help colleagues solve their problems, spend more time at home and get that feel good factor of fulfillment!

Course Curriculum

The Data Analysis Framework
Bar Charts
Lecture: Answering the Question
Unit Project: Get Rolling with Data
Unit Review: Introduction to Data Analysis
Representing Numbers
Tufte's Rules
Applied Color Theory
Lecture: Design Principles
Unit Project: Summer Cycling Analysis
Unit Review: Representing Data
Conditional formatting in Excel
Vlookup and Hlookup
Filters in Excel
Make a Pivot Table
Pie Charts
Lecture: Data Cleaning
Unit Project: Understanding Distribution of Sales
Unit Review: Preparing and Analyzing data
The SELECT statement
Exploring Data with SQL
SQL Conditions
Lecture: What is a Dashboard?
Unit Project: Targeting Citi Bike Riders
Unit Review: Intro to SQL
NULL Values
Data Types in Excel and SQL
Non-Aggregate Calculations
Aggregate Functions
Lecture: The Data Industry
Unit Review: Aggregating Data
Understand the use of descriptive and inferential statisctics in data analysis
Explore the theory and application of the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation
Apply descriptive statistical methods and calculations in Excel and SQL
Learn how visualizations of raw data can be used to form hypotheses
Visualize data with scatter plots
Understand SQL JOIN statements to connect data across different tables
Apply INNER, LEFT, RIGHT, and FULL OUTER JOINs between tables
Use table aliases to simplify queries
Construct dashboards with data
Combine data and narrative techniques to tell a compelling story
Develop skills for how to use data and visualizations in a presentation
Use information design principles to enhance presentations with data
Combine functions, views, and pivot tables to create a basic dashboard in Excel

Modest Momcilovic


Hi there, my name is Modest and I'm a certified Microsoft trainer for over 5 years of experience in a teaching environment. I also hold a Masters degree in Economics. My main focus is on educating people about Data Analytics and Visualization with MS Excel, Power BI and Tableau in an online education environment with the help of ExGap Blog and Course.

I have served across a wide range of businesses and organizational levels mainly in data entry, data cleaning, product, and sales analyst, real estate financial modeling and a wide range of data visualization projects. During this time I used Excel as my spreadsheet platform in a combination with other tools for expressing the numbers visually. Attending many seminars and constantly updating my skills with courses and now I want to share my experience with others as well. As a manager and data analyst, I noticed a skill gap in a wide range of industries and decided to start ExGap as a way to fill this gap...

Mainly It was my passion for Excel that motivated me on my journey as an online educator. Even at this stage I'm constantly learning new things and attending other online courses to improve my productivity and presentation skills.

At the time of writing, I’m in my early thirties, currently residing in the beautiful regions of Balcanic peninsula with my wife who is also my support in my difficult times. You could describe me as a football lover, beer drinker, blockchain enthusiast, amateur photographer, gardener and lover of all cultures and languages, currently speaking Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, English and a touch of German.