Excel 2019 VS Office 365 subscription, which one to pick?

Are you wondering which product has more value to your needs? What is the main difference between Excel 2019 and Office 365?...


How to customize your Excel Ribon and increase your productivity

The ability to customize the Excel ribbon is a great way to enhance your workflow, improve on your productivity or simply to...


Introduction to Charts and visualization in Microsoft Excel

Charts are a great way to represent your data in a visual form in order to better understand your dataset and get hidden insights...


Background image in Microsoft Excel with a macro

Most people see Microsoft Excel as a dull and monotonic platform, however, there are many ways to perform work in a much more...


Introduction to Excel filters and how to extract data

With the following article, I'll try to explain how to use number, text and date filters on your dataset to find exactly what you...


How to automate your spreadsheets with excel macros

I want to teach you with this article on how to join multiple tasks into a single one-second event and this way automate...

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